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Free Saturday Workout

Nothing like a good workout, especially a FREE one. Open to all at any fitness levels. Held twice a month.

1 - 50 min. pre-scheduled class


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Trainer - Rental

No place to train, cold or raining outside, or just need a space where the gym staff won't hound you? Train your clients with us!

Rental space by the hour

Price/ Times Varies

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Workout Plan

Looking for a home or gym workout plan to get you going! No problem. Let us customize a home workout plan that is tailored to meet your goals.  ​

5 day Workout Plan


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Spartan Races 2018

Join Team Work Hard Train Harder for our next Spartan Race. It's a moment to definitely remember, full of fun and challenging obstacles.

June 2nd -  Tuxedo Ridge, NY


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"20 in 30" Training

Get more for working out with us. Add some personal training sessions to your class this month for a complete workout package!  ​

20 - 50 min. pre-scheduled/ scheduled sessions


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30 Days No Games

You're not playing and neither are we. Let one of our trainers push you to your limits and then some for the next 30 days. Hard work pays off. Change is happening and it starts right now.  ​

24 - 50 min.  sessions

6 days/ wk

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Join us for our annual fitcation. It's a weekend getaway full of fun and exercise. Don't miss out, happens only once a year.   ​

3 day wknd 

Las Vegas, NV

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