Train Your Clients Here

The Work Hard Train Harder Fitness Center is open to all trainers looking for a place to train clients. Space is available for rent by the hour during Non-Class times. 

Rental includes:

  • Use of Facility and Equipment during non-peak hours.

Trainers must:

  • Provide Copy of Certification and Insurance information

  • Provide Basic client information (Client information will not be used for WHTH gains. Information only for Liability Purposes)

  • Sign and have their clients sign Waivers and Releases

New Trainers to WHTH fill out below:

By Appointment

Mon-Fri       6-10pm

Sat                8am-2pm

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Work Hard Train Harder is simply a mindset of how to live your life healthfully. If you can work hard, Monday through Friday, from 9 to 5, indulging in all the unhealthy things of a repetitious cycle, then you better train even harder to reverse your daily mundane cycle and improve how you feel, look, and act. Being healthy is not a game; it is a way of life. Work Hard. Train Harder! for a healthier lifestyle.